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Empowering Youth

  • Empowering Youth


    • Training series for the school-going students of 9th to 12th
    • One Empowering Youth Module includes 5 training programs of 90 minutes duration on the topics to the same group of audience. Each LOM has to conduct minimum 2 Empowering Youth programs in a year for 100% efficiency. A thanks letter will be sent to the Principal of the school where the program was conducted based upon the report.
    • Documents required in the report: Name and complete address of the Principal of the school, so that a thanks letter can be sent to the schools containing the details of the other training programs of JCI India like JASMINE, NLTS etc. Also, the list of students who participated in the training and photographs of the event with LOM banner.
    • Provisional Zone Trainers & above can conduct the training.
    • If the school conducts 5 modules of Empowering Youth program, a trophy/plaque will be sent to the school by the NHQ. The LOM has to report the name of the school and its address with a letter from the principal or Head Master of the concerned school.
    • Budget – Rs. 250 per plaque.
    • Expected – 400 school details.
    • Deadline for sending the report of Empowering Youth program – within 15 days of conducting the program.

    Location Details

    Address : , Date :01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018 Time :10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Location Map

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