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    (Inspiring Students to be Motivated, Assertive, Responsible and Transformative)

    i-Smart – for Millennials Leadership (Millennials is 21st Century’s youth
    generation aged 18-35 years)

    Millennials—one of the largest generations in history—have the power to
    completely transform society.

    Raised during a time of technological change, globalization and economic
    disruption, this next generation of active citizens has had different
    experiences that guide their behaviors and decisions.

    Millennials challenge many of today’s traditional business practices. The
    millennial generation isn’t attracted to the money or recognition associated
    with leadership positions. Rather, they want to be leaders to inspire others,
    make a difference in the world and lead companies/ organization that care
    about more than the bottom line.

    These young people are JCI’s future members, therefore it is critical to
    understand who they are, what motivates them and how to best engage them
    in creating positive change. Millennials are looking for a space to collaborate
    with others on meaningful work that will make an impact. JCI can be that

    To craft their skills and channelize the mammoth energy of youth in right
    direction, JCI India has launched three years certificate course named i-
    Smart for college going students. The course has been designed to Inspire
    students to be Motivated, Assertive, Responsible and Transformative.

    i-Smart Concept

    Although a strong background in traditional “hard” skills like writing,
    mathematics and science will always have its place in academic and career
    worlds, an increasing number of employers desire prospective employees
    with “soft” skills.

    Soft skills include the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and the
    willingness to learn through experience, and are applicable across multiple
    disciplines and careers. It is important for students to develop soft skills as
    they prepare for college and as they graduate and enter the workforce. The
    courses offered in i-Smart are designed to develop the “soft skills” in the

    i-Smart a three year JCI India Certified Course will be offered to the senior
    college students of all the streams. This is the value based education for the
    students, which will be pursued in all the three years of their graduation. The
    year wise soft skills topics to be covered are as follows:

    1st year
    – Enhance Your Emotional Quotient (EQ)
    – Time Management & Goal Setting
    – School to College (Human Relation)
    – Decision Making
    – EPS (Effective Public Speaking)

    2nd year
    – Effective Presentation Skills
    – Individual Communication & Group Dynamic
    – Team Building
    – Self Motivation
    – Key to Success
    3rd year
    – Interview Techniques
    – Group Discussion
    – Leadership Skills
    – Craft Your Speech
    – Career Guidance

    Guidelines for the Sponsoring LOMs

    How to start

    Identify the colleges in your area and orient them about JCI and i-Smart
    course. Talk to the college administration about this value based program that
    will benefit the students. With permission of the college administration i-Smart
    LOM can be opened in each stream of the college with minimum of 25

    How does it works

    This course will be offered to the students through opening an i-Smart LOM
    that will be sponsored by any permanent affiliated LOM of JCI India. The
    i-Smart LOM will work under the guidance of sponsoring LOM.

    Membership Fee

    A yearly membership of Rs. 2000.00 per students per year for i-Smart LOM
    (Local Organization Member). JCI India will create a JCI ID for each individual
    member registered under LOM which will help them to participate in all the
    program/ events of JCI in Zone, National and Worldwide.

    Advantage to the Organization

    The main strength of an organization is their members and by this program
    more people can be motivated to join JCI. This will increase the membership
    and the participation of new generation to take forwards the values of JCI in
    the future.

    Advantage to LOM

    By opening of i-Smart LOM, the Sponsoring LOM will get more PR. They can
    also avail the platform/ infrastructure of the collaborated institute for their
    programs/ event. i-Smart students can join the sponsoring LOM after
    graduation which will help the organisation to attract millennials.

    Advantage to Institute

    With the induction of i-Smart course the institution will have a value based
    education and skill development program for the students that will result in
    their positive involvement and empowerment. This will give an extra edge to
    the institution.

    Advantage to Student

    Students tend to look for space to collaborate with others on meaningful work
    that makes an impact in the society. JCI is the place that gives them ample
    opportunities in their life. Involvement of the student with social organisation
    like JCI can also boost their career opportunities.

    Advantage to the society

    JCI is a youth organization where people from different field come together to
    work for the betterment of the society and the nation as a whole. JCI aims to
    nurture youth to become global citizens.

    Participation in JCI events/ programs

    i-Smart LOM members will be eligible to participate in various JCI events by
    registering them for the event.

    Responsibility of Sponsoring LOM

    Sponsoring LOM will make sure that all the prescribed training for the i-Smart
    course will be completed in stipulated time. Training will be given specifically
    as per the module provided by NHQ for each topic. Members from the
    Sponsoring LOM can also attend the trainings that can be recorded for their
    annual training program.

    The sponsoring LOM will take the responsibility for arranging the trainers.
    Area wise trainers list (Zone Trainer/ National Trainers) will be made available
    to each sponsoring LOM. It is advisable to engage trainers for the training
    from local area to avoid extra expense.

    Terms and Conditions

    A LOM can open maximum of 3 i-Smart LOM. i-Smart LOM member can not
    contest for any elective office.


    Location Details

    Address : , Date :01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018 Time :10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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