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JCI AMBALA organised EVP Visit

  • JCI AMBALA organised EVP Visit

    “EVP Visit was held on 18th March 2018 at Hotel Amarpali, Ambala Cantt. It was a Multi Chapter EVP Visit organised by JCI Ambala, JCI Forum of Ambala Industry, JCI Ambala Central. Chairman of the EVP Visit was JC Ashwani Ahuja, President JCI Forum of Ambala Industry. It was a very well
    organised program and was appreciated by all including EVP Sir Jc Meghnad Jani & ZP Sir JFP Ankush Gupta. All the members of 3 chapters of Ambala participated actively and presented their respective reports, the meeting was followed by the dinner.”

    Location Details

    Address : , Date :18/03/2018 Time :12:00 am

    Location Map

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