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Day 1 – Thursday 17th May 2018 at 6pm

As Scheduled, Respected NP Sir landed by Flight at Nagpur Airport on 17th May evening at 6pm
Our Beloved Nandu Bhaiyya, EVP Meghnadji Jani and a Team of 11 Members, from Jaycees of Chandrapur with Tour Coordinator & ZP, Received NP Sir at the Airport.

We Escorted Sir from Nagpur to Chandrapur in by 3 Cars, reached Venue at 9pm, Travelled 150kms

Jaycees of Chandrapur Pariwar, had wonderful Cultural Welcome of NP Sir by लेझीम पथक & पालखी मिरवणूक, House Full Attendance with 11 Lom members (Jci Chandrapur, Jci Chandrapur Elite, Jci Chandrapur Garima, Jci Chandrapur Changers, Jci Ballarpur Wood City, Jci Ballarpur Hirkani, Jci Sasti Rajura Coal Town, Jci Rajura Pride, Jci Rajura Royals) were Present till the very end at 11.30pm, Superb Report Presented by all the Empowering Lom Presidents 2018. Dynamic Chairmanship by Jc Shekharji Lohiya.
Excellent Tour Coordination by Jc Nirmalji Munot

We had a Pleasant Night Halt at Hotel Tristar in Chandrapur

Day 2 – Friday 18th May 2018
Had Delecious Breakfast at EVP Meghnadji Jani Sir’s home
9.00am – 10am Travelled from Chandrapur to Wani 50 kms
10. 30am – 11.30am Superb flying Meet at Jci Wani City, with Very Young Promising Team under the Powerful leadership of President Jc Saurabh Bardia were inspired by NP Sir thoroughly & gave Various Good Future Commitments.

11.30am to 1.00pm Travel to Yavatmal
1.00pm -1.40pm Superb Visit & Meet at the Jaycee Bhavan of Jci Yavatmal Cotton City, Good Commitment of ABLE, Natcon & World Congress were given by the Dynamic & Empowering President Jc Dr Sagarji Padmawar & his young Team. We had Lunch & innagurated Impact 2030 Project on Road Safety & Beautification

3.00pm – 4.30pm Travelled to Karanja 80kms

NP Sir Proudly Visited & Appreciated the Huge Properties of Balodyan and Swimming Pool of Jci Karanja City, excellent Multi lom Meet along with Jci Mangrulnath was conducted in front of big Crowd who welcomed NP Sir with a Nice Band Party. Jci Karanja President Jc Manoharji Bardia chaired, Jci Mangrulnath President Jc Niraj Bajaj with team were Present.

6.00pm – 7.30pm Travelled from Karanja to Amravati 70 kms

8.30pm to 10.00pm Multi Lom Meet
Grand Royal Welcome & Visit Organized by Jaycees of Amravati Pariwar with 8 Loms Jci Amravati, Jci Amravati Golden, Jci Amravati Classic, Jci Amravati Aroma, Jci Amravati Centurion, Jci Achalpur Melghat, Jci Amravati Corporate, Jci Amravati Noble, under the Chairmanship of ZDM Jc Nikhilji Samdariya and in Front of a Huge Gathering of over 175 Members, which overwhelmed NP Sir. Excellent Reports were Presented by all Lom Presidents.
Excellent Gathering of Members, Past Presidents, Current and Past ZGB members & Respected Past Zone Presidents

We had Pleasant Night Halt at Hotel Mehfill in Amravati

Day 3 Saturday 19th May 2018
9.00am – 11.15am Travelled from Amravati to Akola 100kms

11.30am – 1.00pm Multi Lom Meet, 1.00pm – 2pm Lunch
Grand Multi Lom Meet of Jaycees of Akola Region with members from 7 Loms Jci Akola City, Jci Akola New Priyadarshini, Jci Akot, Jci Akot Silver, Jci Washim City, Jci Akot angle, Jci Anjangaon were Present, Meet Superbly Chaired by ZC Clean India Jc Sandeshji Randad, wonderful Reports were Presented by all the Dynamic Lom Presidents

2.30pm – 4.00pm Travelled from Akola to Khamgaon 80kms
Flying Visit with a very Superb Family Welcome was done by Jci Khamgaon City, President Jc Dr Viplav Kavishwar all Past Presidents & Members.

5.00pm – 6.30pm Travelled from Khamgaon to Jalgaon 70 kms
Excellent Multi Lom Meet at Jalgaon with Members of 5 Loms Jci Jalgaon, Jci Jalgaon Diamond City, Jci Jalgaon Central, Jci Bhusawal Tapti Valley, Jci Aurangabad Novelinstinct were Present. Outstandingly Chaired by ZC Impact 2030 Prof Jc Rafik Sheikh Sir, Excellent Reports Presented by the Very Young Dynamic Presidents, many PP’s and Members of Jalgaon Region were Present.

We had Pleasant Night Halt at Jalgaon

Day 4 Sunday 20th May 2018
9.00am to 11.00am Travelled from Jalgaon to Dhulia 120 kms

11.00am – 2.00pm with Lunch
Excellent Visit at Jci Dhulia Green City, they showed Good Future Commitments followed by Superb Lunch.

2.00pm – 3.00pm Travelled from Dhulia to Chalisgaon 50 kms
3.00pm – 4.00pm Meet & Inagural,
Wonderful Meet by Jci Chalisgaon City, superbly Lead by President Jc Haresh Jain, Inaugural of Excellent Impact 2030 Project, with many Past Presidents & Members were present.

4.00pm to 6.30pm Travelled from Chalisgaon to Nashik 170kms
Visited ZP Home, met the Family Members had light snacks and Tea
8.00pm – 10.00pm Multi Lom Meet of 11 Loms, Jci Grapecity Nashik, Jci Nasik Road, Jci Ambad, Jci Nashik New Godawari, Jci Panchavati Holi City, Jci Nashik, Jci Nashik Metaforge, Jci Grapecity Queens, Jci Nashik Jagruti, Jci Pimpalgaon Grapetown, Jci Akole Agasti. Over 140 Members, Past Presidents, PZP’s were Present in a Grand Hi Tech Meet. Had Delecious Dinner
NP Sir Met PNP JCI Sen Nileshji Zawar Sir.

As the Meet was Prolonged, NP Sir had to Book Flight from Mumbai to Baroda of early Morning & cancel the Bus Ticket from Nasik
12.00am to 4.00am Travelled from Nashik to Mumbai

NP Sir Boarded the flight at 5.15am from Mumbai to Baroda, ZVP Nitin Gore & ZP Accompanied sir in the Travel

Overall a Grand NP Visit under the Excellent Tour Coordination of ZC Nirmalji Munot.

I thank our Beloved Nandu Bhaiyya for his Great Support & Blessings in making the NP Visit Grand & Very Historical. Blessed by all the Past Zone President’s, Past & Current ZGB Members, Lom Presidents and Dynamic Teams of all the Loms.

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