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    Residential workshop to become a Zone trainer.

    • Duration: 3 ½ days
    • ZTWS event including Valediction shall get over by 4:00pm
    • No. of participants: Maximum of 30
    per center.
    • No of centers – as per the applications received

    • Registration Fees with
    accommodation – Rs. 7000/- plus
    service tax.
    • Eligibility: (NGB to decide) He/She should be a JCI India LOM Active
    member with continuous
    membership of 2 years prior to the
    half in which the event is being held
    + successful participation in Speech
    • FOR LOMS: To send the application
    with DD to NHQ 30 days before the
    • NHQ: To send the eligible list of
    participants to ZP.
    • NHQ: Will send the final list of Host
    and Pilot trainers.

    Graduation Criteria;
    1. To ensure quality of the provisional
    graduates, merit alone should be
    considered for graduation.
    2. The final tabulation sheet and the
    scores sheets of all output sessions
    by all the trainers duly signed
    should be sent to the NHQ by the
    Pilot Faculty.
    3. To the marks awarded by the Pilot Faculty, average of the marks given by the two co-faculty members should be added.
    4. While preparing the final graduation sheet, complete confidentiality has to be maintained.
    5. Along with the list of graduated participants, remarks about supporting faculty members and host should be sent by Pilot Faculty to NHQ within one week of the completion of ZTWS.
    6. Not more than 60% of the total participants attended should be graduated. Above this, it needs to be also ensured that the participant has secured at least 50% of the total scores in aggregate to quality. This implies that a participant can qualify if he fails in the top 60% of the total participant and also secures minimum 50% marks in aggregate.
    7. As recommended by Long Range Planning Committee, total graduation should not exceed 60%. Graduation should be strictly according to the ranking based on aggregate marks.
    8. Assignments given to the
    provisionally graduated
    participants must be in line with
    that sent by NHQ. Pilot is not
    expected to add or reduce the
    assignments. Assignments
    should be modified in such a
    way that it is practically
    9. Pilot faculty should be a National
    Trainer, duly certified by JCI India.
    Must be an active JCI/Associate
    member/Past NEC Member. Must
    follow JCI India guidelines.

    • Assistance from JCI India:
    >Host subsidy – Rs. 5500/- per participant from registration. All the guidelines for hosting must be followed by host and a certificate for the same must be provided by the pilot coach to avail the subsidy.

    • To Pilot – Travel Max. Rs. 5000,
    (Max II A/c train fare only),
    honorarium Rs. 2000/- for the
    > Eligibility – He/She should have
    piloted one Speech Craft.

    • Co-pilot – Travel Max. Rs. 2000,
    (Max. II A/c train fare only),
    honorarium Rs. 1000/- for the

    Location Details

    Address : , Date :01/06/2017 - 01/07/2017 Time :10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Location Map

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